Lack of Magnesium

Here we will point out some of the difficulties involved in making sure we get enough of this vital mineral.

1. Our food sources are no longer loaded with magnesium. Obviously soil quality will have a lot to do with the yields of magnesium-rich foods. It is estimated that an average diet from 100 years ago had yields twice as high in magnesium and other minerals as compared to an ordinary diet of today. Magnesium is one mineral that can be farmed out of soil, so eating food that normally yields high amounts of magnesium grown in depleted soil will obviously not yield as many benefits.

2. Herbicides can block absorption. Another excellent reason to buy organic food is because certain herbicides can act as chelators to block minerals such as magnesium from being absorbed into the system. So even if we do consume foods that are magnesium-rich they might be blocked by these chelators. Magnesium can also be effectively eliminated from foods by the way they are cooked or processed.

3. Other foods can inhibit magnesium absorption. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or eating a lot of sugar can cause the body to pass magnesium through the system before it is absorbed. Also elderly people, especially those that take medications can also have problems absorbing needed magnesium.

4. Supplements aren’t always the answer. Many people look to supplements as the answer to a mineral-deficient diet, but there are a lot of complications to taking supplements. Not all supplements are absorbed the same way as vitamins and minerals from natural food, plus there is the issue of the synergistic relationships with other vitamins, specifically vitamin K2 and D3. When you supplement you shall know exactly the reasons you’re using one, and keep them to a minimum.

5. There must be a good balance between calcium and magnesium. When you get those muscles cramps it could be that you have an imbalance of calcium and not enough magnesium. It is important especially when you exercise to not only drink plenty of water but to keep in mind your calcium, magnesium and potassium ratios. Otherwise you will likely have cramping issues.

Extracting Toxins From Body

Most people already know that having your skin exposed to the elements of nature can cause dryness, itchiness and blotching. Common products like Aloe Vera can help sooth your skin, but more specified products like an Aloe Vera fairness gel can help with more specific parts of your body. An Aloe Vera fairness gel can give that area of skin the special attention it needs. The hands and face are the most exposed areas of skin, and sometimes even arms and legs need that special touch that an Aloe Vera fairness gel can only bring.

Not only can aloe bring relief to the outside of your body, but it can for the inside of your body as well. Aloe Vera Juice is quite popular in Asia and has sprung up here and there in Europe. Amla Juice is also quite popular, it is known for cleansing the body internally. Not only does it do the body good but it’s delicious as well.

Amla Juices’ main ingredient is the Amla. Amla is a fruit that’s picked from trees and is also very popular being grounded up into an Amla powder. Taking Amla in the powder form is the best way to get its full benefits. However, some people don’t like the taste of Amla powder (a bit bitter) so a tea is often made. A teaspoon a day of Amla powder is what’s normally recommended. Amla candy is also very popular. It’s a little sweeter and a lot easier to enjoy, but getting the full benefits of Amla in candy form is questionable. Amla candy is a lot more popular among the younger generation.

Triphala powder is also becoming well-known throughout the world. Triphala powder consists mainly of only three ingredients, Amla, Myrobalan, and Belleric Myrobalan. Triphala has been known to help with the skin, heart and eyes. It also cleanses the body so energy can be directed better to where it’s needed. Naturally, triphala powder is the most effective combination of other herbs (such as Amla powder) can not only cleanse the colon but keep the liver healthy, while flushing the body of toxins. It effectively regulates a healthy digestive system, while strengthening the immune system, lungs, urinary tract, and the entire muscle system.

Detoxify Body be Natural


Exercise helps you feel better. Aside from this, it also boosts the cleansing processes in your body. When you workout, the blood circulation spreads the nutrients across your body. When the sweat comes out, it pushes the toxins out of your body. So, make it a habit to get up early in the morning and do some easy exercises.

Add detoxifying foods to your diet

Fruits: fruits rid your body of toxins, as they are rich in liquid-content. Aside from this, they are full of nutrients and easy to digest.

Citrus fruit: Fruits, such as lemons, oranges and limes help your body flush out harmful toxins in addition to boost the digestive tract with powerful enzymatic processes.

Vegetables: Vegetables also boost your digestive tract and cleanses your system. Aside from this, some foods, such as carrots, onions, asparagus, cabbage and kale are good at cleansing your body.

Garlic: When it comes to detoxifying foods, you have no better option than garlic. Actually, garlic boosts your liver and helps it produce powerful detoxifying enzymes. As a result, your body gets rid of toxic residues.


Bentonite clay features a negative charge. As a result, it tends to attract toxins that are positively charged. Since toxins have a positive charge, they can be eliminated with the help of clay.

If you want to get rid of toxic accumulation in your body, you can take clay internally or use it in your footbath. The former method is better as it will provide your body with some essential minerals.


Breathing helps with cleaning your system. Let’s explain this. Oxygen helps your body absorb nutrients and vitamins. And deep breathing makes this process a lot more efficient. Besides, deep breathing charges your powerful lymphatic system. As a result, the detoxification process gets better in your body.

Skin Brushing

As far as detoxification goes, dry skin brushing goes a long way. This method makes your skin look better by elimination the dead skin cells. Moreover, it also boosts the generation of new skin cells in addition to boost the blood circulation and the lymphatic system.

About Raw Food

Doctors specializing in end-stage cancer and other terminal diseases recommend eating raw food over cooked food, as the former will help the body resist cancer cells. In fact, they would classify food cooked at high temperature as dead food that feeds the body’s bad bacteria and nourishes its cancer cells.

Moreover, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation will not improve the health condition of a cancer patient who refuses to eat healthy food according to specialists.

The only way to destroy the bad bacteria that nurtures cancer cells is by opting for organic food that did not undergo multilevel food preservation methods, which are designed to destroy the microorganisms of a food product including its good bacteria that aides the body in fighting diseases.

A survey of 10 women with breast cancer reveals that three of them decided to change their diet to fruits and vegetables, and after three months with no meat and just raw fruit and vegetable recipes, their disease vanished.

According to three successful women who almost succumbed to cancer, their macrobiotic diet helped them beat the cancer cells. While a macrobiotic diet only constitutes of fruits and vegetables, one of them heeded the advice of her doctor to include raw beef liver and pork pancreas in her daily menu. She was the first to be cleared of the disease.

Actress and thigh trainer Suzanne Somers is another breast cancer survivor who opted out of chemotherapy in favor of the natural healing process. She grew vegetables in her backyard and had them every day apart from Iscador, an extract from mistletoe, and just like that, her breast cancer was gone.

It is not wrong to have faith in modern medicine, but even the best doctors advise their patients to match their radiation and chemotherapy sessions with a healthy diet. They added that bromelain and pexoxidase, which are enzymes found in pineapple, are among the best nutrients that can kill cancer. Broccoli, on the other hand, is rich in phytonutrients that prevent prostate cancer.

Meanwhile, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries are rich in ellagic acid that reduces the risk of heart and liver diseases.

Take your fruit whole or extract its juice. No matter what your preference is, just make it a point to include a fruit in your daily diet to keep cancer and other deadly diseases away.