About Toxic Ignorance

In the production of many foodstuff, cosmetics, food packaging, and generally most commercial products, synthetic chemicals are used in high quantity and only 2{b4f8d5c8efb461bddbf46f74b5ca33b167b2f4c3bac1cca4e2431a6963ab580b} out of thousands of chemicals have been tested for their carcinogenicity. This means we are at risk to more toxins than ever before, most chemicals have not been lab tested even though there is a general belief that government agencies are protecting our environment and health from the effects of toxic chemicals which is false. There is also the ignorance of complex chemical mixtures because most environmental health researchers use animals in laboratory testing and are exposed to one chemical variable at a time, meanwhile human beings are exposed to multiple mixture of chemicals which can have an added effect in humans and which long term exposure to such multiple chemicals may have culminative effects. The laboratory tests which would be able to test for multiple variables would incur high costs in time and money and therefore impractical, some will take as much as hundreds of years to test just a little number of chemicals. There are some reasons why environmental health and safety research is limited and these are:

A. The research is limited to one/two variables while there is no account for multiple variables which is common in humans.

B. Most researches are related only to the cancer paradigm meanwhile there can be other illnesses brought about by a combination of different chemicals.

c. High number of chemicals available for commercial purposes and more new chemicals being introduced every year makes it difficult to keep up with them.

There are some precautionary/solutions that can be taken to limit /curb the excesses of toxins in our environment and system and some of these are:

-Simple screening tests by manufacturers especially those chemicals in high volume use and the results should be available to the public.
-Replacement of certain chemicals with safer organic alternatives.
-Reduction in the number of chemicals in the market and used in the production of goods.

Detoxification Diet

If you suffer from immune system problems or allergies that are untreatable by the conventional medicine than your body needs a detoxification therapy. There are many types of foods that help flush out toxins from the body. Detoxification is an essential preventive measure as well a tool that helps in increasing general health, vitality, and is disease resistant. Detox diets being used for many years, as well as certain foods to prevent diseases and chronic conditions.

Why is a detox more important now?

As a result of the prevailing environmental pollution, people have become more aware of the need to detoxify their bodies. Environmental pollution has caused an increase in heavy metal for instance cadmium, mercury and lead. Numerous synthetic agricultural chemicals have also increased substances in our water, food as well as the air we breathe.

These are just some of the reasons why detox diets have gained popularity. People are now conscious and are including certain herbs in their foods. You can use herbs such as cloves, Echinacea, garlic, eucalyptus, myrrh, red clover, ginger, parsley and boneset. Although there are several which you can detoxify your body through, that also includes supplements. It is important and crucial what type of supplement you choose. However, the best method to detoxify your body is through a detox diet by choosing natural and organic food.

Choosing the right food and supplements is crucial!

A lot of people don’t know that there are lots of different foods that help with detoxification of the body that are readily as well as cheaply available to them. The detox food items that you should include in your diet include fruits, green foods, oranges, limes, broccoli, sprouts, kale, spinach, green tea, omega 3 oils, raw vegetables, seeds and nuts. To help in reducing some of this daily food that is necessary every day for your detoxification diet you can use a supplement. There are not many that suit the bill; the supplement should have many organic fruits or veggies plus omega 3. There is such a supplement that has 19 organic fruits in a liquid form; it has glucosamine for flexibility in joints, and omega 3, a most essential oil the body cannot make by itself and must come from the diet or a supplement.

In making a detox diet work the way it should, and to get the best benefits it must have all the right natural ingredients. This nutritional regime involves a change in consumption habits in a bit to flush out toxins as well as other contaminants.

The benefit of a detox!

Detox diets have been proven a great benefit for people’s health, aid in weight loss, digestion, boost mental state, increase energy and resistance to disease. It is important that you limit or better still get rid of processed foods. Detox diets normally emphasize on including unprocessed foods as well as adding fresh vegetables and fruit. It is also important that you cut down on alcohol; on the contrary you should increase your daily intake of water. Although your kidney, skin, liver as well your lungs are capable to flush out toxins, detox diets come in handy to boost the detoxification process.

Critics warn that these are risky, arguing that some detox foods contain harmful substances. At the same time most experts believe that there is no evidence to support such fear based claims that believe people just pop a magic pill for almost everything. Detox diets have been proven to have many health benefits and are highly recommended.

Lack of Magnesium

Here we will point out some of the difficulties involved in making sure we get enough of this vital mineral.

1. Our food sources are no longer loaded with magnesium. Obviously soil quality will have a lot to do with the yields of magnesium-rich foods. It is estimated that an average diet from 100 years ago had yields twice as high in magnesium and other minerals as compared to an ordinary diet of today. Magnesium is one mineral that can be farmed out of soil, so eating food that normally yields high amounts of magnesium grown in depleted soil will obviously not yield as many benefits.

2. Herbicides can block absorption. Another excellent reason to buy organic food is because certain herbicides can act as chelators to block minerals such as magnesium from being absorbed into the system. So even if we do consume foods that are magnesium-rich they might be blocked by these chelators. Magnesium can also be effectively eliminated from foods by the way they are cooked or processed.

3. Other foods can inhibit magnesium absorption. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or eating a lot of sugar can cause the body to pass magnesium through the system before it is absorbed. Also elderly people, especially those that take medications can also have problems absorbing needed magnesium.

4. Supplements aren’t always the answer. Many people look to supplements as the answer to a mineral-deficient diet, but there are a lot of complications to taking supplements. Not all supplements are absorbed the same way as vitamins and minerals from natural food, plus there is the issue of the synergistic relationships with other vitamins, specifically vitamin K2 and D3. When you supplement you shall know exactly the reasons you’re using one, and keep them to a minimum.

5. There must be a good balance between calcium and magnesium. When you get those muscles cramps it could be that you have an imbalance of calcium and not enough magnesium. It is important especially when you exercise to not only drink plenty of water but to keep in mind your calcium, magnesium and potassium ratios. Otherwise you will likely have cramping issues.

Natural Juices

Drinking natural Juices extracted from fruits and vegetables can help us to consume more vegetables and fruits than we normally do. People tend to consume below the average amount of food, vegetables in particular because they are not used in the taste of veggies. Instead, this more agreeable juice form of vegetables will help our taste buds adjust slowly in adapting the taste of these types of food.

This will save us energy to be used in digestion. There is a process in digestion where the body turns the food we eat into liquid form so that it will be absorbed properly together with its nutrients. This part of digestion will be excluded in the process since you are drinking what you are supposed to be eating. Our brain is the control center of digesting, that’s why it’s hard to solve critical and cognitive problems if we are full, because the brain does its focus into food digestion. If we could skip this then our brain activity will work better. Now that’s something we have to consider if we have a report in our way at School or at Work.

This means that the proper food variation in your vegetable and fruit intake will be improved. The risk of having the same or narrow list for vegetable and fruit intake is that it will cause allergy to a particular food.

Natural juices can also be used as detoxifiers. Because of our minimal fruit and vegetable intake, the amount of nutrients from these essential types of food is compromised. So it will not be an eat-and-wash away type of digestion if we drink natural juices. It will help us absorb more nutrients in our body as the foods are pre-digested for us to benefit.

Remember that natural juices should be taken after it is made. Drinking it days after or the worst weeks after will defeat its purpose for your health. It will harm your health instead. If you don’t have the convenience to make natural juices in your home, here is a sample of natural juice producer that you can check so that you can start drinking while you are learning how to make one.

Detoxification Make Skin Glow

Colon cleanse

Exclusive of other poisonous substances that we socially consume like tobacco, alcohol and drugs, there are many products that dump toxic wastes into the bile, from there to the small intestines and finally to the large intestines before excretion. This means that our colon must be functioning efficiently to be able to drain out all these waste. When we don’t detoxify, we become constipated and the waste in the colon turn out to be putrefied, rotten and produces toxic gases that gets absorbed in the blood; sometimes these toxic gases try to exit through the skin because the colon is blocked causing body odour and halitosis (mouth odour), acne, pimples and blemishes.

Other times colon cancer can develop since the good bacteria (Lactobacillis acidophulus and bifidus) can be overtaken by the bad bacteria which then may start to synthesize carcinogenic compounds. You can take a capsule of these good bacteria two or three times a day or eat non-sweetened yogurt to neutralize the bad bacteria.

Plants for colon cleansing are aloes, Cascara, Castor beans, psyllium, cassia, senna and many other laxative herbs. Colon cleansing through enema is also very useful as it keep us looking younger.

Kidney cleanse.

The best way to detoxify the kidney is by drinking a lot of water. This organ is very vital in the filtration of toxins in our system; it also re-distributes and re-absorbs 99{b4f8d5c8efb461bddbf46f74b5ca33b167b2f4c3bac1cca4e2431a6963ab580b} of these chemicals back into our blood and only 0.1{b4f8d5c8efb461bddbf46f74b5ca33b167b2f4c3bac1cca4e2431a6963ab580b} is eliminated as urine.

Plants for the kidney includes diuretics such as mistletoe, kidney beans, borage, carrot, nettle, onion, pineapple, cane, agave and juniper. These plants promote the elimination of waste substances, eliminate uric acid (in gout and arthritis), urea, oxalates and phosphates (that causes kidney stones).

Liver cleanse

As the main organ of detoxification, the liver synthesizes and secretes up to one quart of bile which carries toxin through to the intestines for elimination. The liver also contains enzymes that break down chemical bonds in toxic wastes and turns them to water soluble products for elimination. These enzymes also attach to chemically active components and flushes out the chemical intermediates formed through the colon. Being the biggest gland in the body, the liver produces bile, which is needed to transform nutrients into other components, as well as digest fat and perform blood cleansing.

Plants for the liver are plants with cholerectic properties i.e. those that favour bile production by hepatics cells; reduces congestion and enhances liver function. These include onion, vervian, milk thistle, dandelion, liqorice, bitterleaf, calendula, chicory, etc. Plants that regenerate the production of hepatics cells when they have been damaged (by viruses, medicines, toxic substances) are also useful. Examples are peppermint, grapevine, radish, spirulina, artichoke, etc. In addition, cabbage, oatmeal, cauliflower, soybeans, flaxseed oil and all good fats are excellent for liver functions.

Gallbladder and Pancreas cleanse

Other plants facilitate gall bladder dysfunction and serve to empty the stored bile at the right time for digestion to continue. These plants are olive oil, linden flowers, quassia, javan tea, St John’swort, dandelion, boldo, etc. For the health of the pancreas which promotes the production of the pancreatic juice for digestion; nettle, papaya leaves and St Benedict’s thistle (leaves) are all good for the proper functioning of the pancreas.

So next time you are worried about achieving a flawless and smooth skin tone, think of cleansing your insides first. When the system is clean there will not be breakouts and your confidence will increase.

Some Reasons Water Good For Health

Helps with Digestion – Drinking a lot of water can help one prevents constipation and it helps in digestion as well. I am sure you must have come across a lot of people who advise you to drink more water. This is because; water can do more good to your body than any other food or drink out there. That is how important water is for human beings.

Fights and Treats Migraines – If you experience a headache or migraine, the first thing that you can do is drink plenty of water. Most often headaches and migraines are caused by dehydration.

Keeps you hydrated – Less water in the body often results in dehydration. Never let your bodies go into this stage, always ensure you drink an ample amount of water, so that your body is hydrated always. Dehydration will make you feel tired. It can impact your health in a negative way. Therefore, drink a lot of water.

Helps in Losing Weight – Drinking at least 4 liters of water a day can help you lose weight. Drink a glass of water prior to every meal you have. This suppresses appetite and hence supports your weight loss efforts. Water helps in elimination of fat cells.

Flushes Out Toxins – Water is a great detoxifier as it helps in flushing out toxins from your body and gets rid of waste primarily through sweat and urine. If you can drink at least 4 liters of water a day, then you will for sure be free from all the crazy health issues.

Consuming Coconut Charcoal

Detoxify Your Body

Your body is constantly being assaulted with a variety of unwanted toxins that come from both your food and your environment. This constant bombardment can lead to many unhealthy side effects, including cellular damage, digestive issues, and decreases in energy. Coconut charcoal acts as a natural cleanser, ridding your body of unwanted chemicals and toxins.

Enhanced Digestive Health

Activated charcoal has been a remedy for digestive issues for thousands of years. It’s use has been traced back to ancient Chinese medicine as a solution for bloating and stomach discomfort. Charcoal is the healthiest way to utilize the beneficial effects of activated charcoal to soak up unwanted stomach toxins.

Anti-Aging Benefits

As with any process of detoxification, charcoal can rid the body of toxins that prematurely age your internal organs. As we age there is an increasing sensitivity to harmful chemicals which can affect your hormone producing organs. By bolstering the health of these organs by eliminating toxins, your body will feel the effect of the years more slowly.

How Coconut Charcoal Works

The material contains microscopic pores that capture harmful elements like chemicals, metals, poisons, and even intestinal gases. Due to the unique chemical properties found in coconut charcoal, it is capable of capturing a lot of unwanted gas and toxins in your body, allowing you to pass them before they do damage.

Other Digestive Health Supplements

While charcoal is an excellent way to detoxify your body and improve digestive health, it’s in no way the only name in the game. Here is a list of other supplements that can improve your health:

  • L-Glutamine (also helpful for nootropic supplements )
  • Chamomile
  • Ginger
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Licorice

Easy Tips to Clean Body

GIVE IT UP – Most of us have some bad habits: sugar, smoking, drinking alcohol, junk food, eating after 8pm (unless you live in Spain and have your siesta in the middle of your day, that might not be considered as a bad habit). Set yourself a challenge to abandon as many addictions as possible for a week and see how you’re doing. There is a huge chance that the following week will be “sin free” too. Of course giving up one thing is the easiest when it’s replaced by something else and in this case we’d need to put in this place something good for ourselves. Keep reading the following steps and you’ll find out what replacement is the best for you.

KEEP MOVING – Ideally, we should be doing at least 30 minutes of high impact (when your heart rate is faster) exercises daily. Some of us do, some don’t, some do them only sometimes. Whatever your routine (or lack of it) is, let’s get the most of it. As I mentioned above, our body needs reimbursement. After giving up bad habits we shall pick up a good ones. It’s a time to sign up for fitness classes, buy a gym membership or start jogging around the park. The life transformation coaches say that the best motivation to keep it happening is to pre-pay for your classes and if you do so, you won’t be wanting to waste your money and you’ll actually attend your classes.

WATCH YOUR PLATE – Of course the type of food we’re eating is contributing to our health. As in step 1 we’ve eliminated junk food from our diet, we need to focus on what to actually eat to benefit from it. Some foods have higher value than others and can provide our body with even more nutrients. Most of us, without knowing, may have an inflammation in some parts of our body. It might be a leaky gut syndrome, candida, hormone imbalance, IBS or silent food allergies. A week is not enough to do a food elimination testing, but perhaps it might be worth doing specific blood tests to find out which food to avoid to be sure that our detox is done accurately and accordingly to our body needs. I’d suggest making a breakdown list which includes foods that might be causing a digestive issues. Obviously, if you know already that you’re allergic to peanuts that’s good, but by bypassing most allergens for at least a week will benefit your body and may help you decide to abstain from them for longer.

The worst enemies are:

Gluten (wheat, barley, rye) – but gluten is not only in the obvious products like flours, breads and cakes; it might be hidden in less evident places like sauces, broth stocks and cereals so the best way is to always read the list of ingredients.

Dairy – when we were kids parents were telling us “drink milk for healthy bones” and the truth is that dairy products do contain some amount of calcium, but studies have proven that some dark leafy vegetables and legumes contain even more calcium than milk. In addition the bad news is, apart from an adult human body not digesting casein and many people are lactose intolerant without knowing it. Also most of U.S. cows are given hormones and antibiotics and live in unhealthy conditions. Also their food is based on GMO soy and corn, which is why milk products, especially in U.S. are considered a junk food. I’d strongly suggest either stop eating dairy at all and replace it with plant based products. Or, if you’re allergic to legumes, at least buy organic milk, kefir and cheese.

Sugar – food technologists say that refined sugar is the most addictive substance for human body. When we eat foods that contain a lot of sugar, a massive amount of dopamine is released into brain and we get a feeling of being “high”. In addition, consuming refined sugar encourages a growth of bad bacteria in your guts and that causes inflammations, aggravations and imbalances the immune system. It’s very important to avoid white and refined sugar totally, but if you really need to have some sweetness, go for stevia, xylitol, honey or a fruit.

Longer Life With Detox

There are many over the counter products that can detox your body. Interestingly, many of these products contain natural herbal ingredients. Your body’s intricate systems reacts differently to the various ingredients in the products. This leads to many products for the different systems to get the best results. The products vary according to use such as flushing out the bowels, the liver, the urinary system and the cardio vascular system. The most common known detox is the eat and live healthy method. This method includes drinking 8 glasses of water or about 2 quarts or of water and increasing your fiber intake. Other methods to clean out the body include a smoothie made by blending 1 cup kale remove stems, 1 cup chopped peeled apples remove cores, 1 peeled banana and 1 cup water added as needed to thin to desired thickness in the blender adding more water as needed. Other methods include juices such as carrot, kale, cabbage, apple, beets, cranberry and pineapple juices to detox the body. A drink made by making fresh lemon aide sweetened with maple syrup and adding a splash of Louisiana hot sauce or cayenne pepper to it is an excellent detox drink. To detox the digestive system simply increase the fiber by eating more vegetables, salads and fruits.The benefits of these actions will be noticeable both to yourself and others. Remember a healthy diet has no equal for your good health. Always seek sound medical advice when changing your diet and exercise norms.

Located at your grocery store are many foods that detox your body these include beets, radishes, artichokes, cabbage and seaweed. Do not worry there are many over the counter products that are affordable and will help you clean out your body. You can detox the liver with quality over the counter products that will produce excellent results. Maintaining a clean and healthy liver will increase your health and vitality. The natural methods of drinking green tea, combined with eating foods that contain vitamin c and drinking plenty of clean water will also aid the cleaning of the liver.

Lemonade Diet

Something else that usually comes up with this kind of diet is hunger. Anyone who has tried any fasting knows what I mean. It’s not merely the gnawing in the pit of your stomach but the psychological idea of eating. The more you think about eating, the more obsessed with eating you become.

Of course, something to think about is how much weight do you really need/want to lose? If you only have about five pounds to drop, you may not need the full 21 days. Many people find that they’re happy with just 7 or 10 days, and that’s fine.

So do you just drink lemonade and nothing else? Well, no. Every morning you start with a saltwater flush that’s supposed to clean out your digestive system. Just a word of caution, have plenty of toilet paper and reading material because you will use the bathroom… a lot. But, that’s a good thing because it’s expelling toxins which supposedly contributes to weight gain and lethargy.

Once you’ve had your flush, you can have as much lemonade as you want. Now, we’re not talking the powered kind you just mix with water. This lemonade is fresh squeezed lemon juice, maple or agave syrup, purified water, and cayenne pepper. According to sources this combination hydrates the system, flushing out more toxins, and cleanses the joints and muscles.

People who have stuck to this daily regimen of the saltwater flush in the morning (using sea salt and purified water), followed by unlimited quantities of lemonade, have experienced weight loss as significant as two pounds per day!

Of course, something to think about is that while you are on this cleanse, the calories and carbs you are drinking are much, much lower than you normally would consume. So while the Lemonade Diet may be quite challenging, its benefits and effectiveness are by no means in question. However, there are perhaps healthier options so please do your research.

About Vimax Detox

1. Apple Fiber

Water soluble apple fibers are wonderfully helpful to the heart and help reduce bad cholesterol levels and its advised that apple cider vinegar or pomegranate cider vinegar also have a similar effect by relieving conditions related to constipation as well as diminishing sugar spikes which lead to cravings and in reverse your body is forced to expend more energy or burn more fat in order to keep your energy levels up and your mood stable.

2. Senna Leaf

An effective appetite curber, the anthraquinone glycosides as they are known help flush food through the tubes before it is broken down and stored as fat and has been used by herbalists for generations as a means to loosen the stool.

3. Rhubarb Root

It doesn’t need explaining that rhubarb when digested has an interesting effect on the bowels – that is it gets things on the move!

As a child you may remember how rhubarb and custard helped firm ones stool while having a noticeable effect on how we feel after digesting it.

Used as a remedy for a blocked colon by the Chinese, the root of the rhubarb is used in the Far East for its ability to heal digestive problems.

4. Ginger Root

A strong anti-oxidant, ginger will help digestive issues, relieve blood pressure and ingest you with a strong dose of ant-oxidants that boost your auto-immune system.

5. Psyllium Husk

Administered for relieving diverticular disease and blocked bowels, Psyllium Husk is a natural dietary fibre that will firm up your waste in the colon, rather squeamishlyVimax Detox – 5 Natural Ingredients Proven to Flush Your Pipes allowing you to shed any parasitic worms that may be harboring in the pipelines.